Comfort Club: HVAC Service Agreements in Riverside, Corona & Temecula

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Did you know that almost half of your energy bill is related to heating and cooling costs? You shouldn’t have to overpay on utilities just to keep your home comfortable.

Statistics show that 70% of residential HVAC systems are performing below manufacturer specifications.

When you join our Comfort Club, rest assured that your HVAC system will be operating at peak performance. Whether you have a new system or older equipment, regular preventive maintenance is crucial if you want to avoid unexpected problems and breakdowns.

Regular HVAC inspections combined with preventive maintenance means fewer repair calls and greater efficiency—allowing you to save a significant amount of money over the life of your system. Preventive maintenance is the only proactive solution that will help extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

Benefits of Comfort Club Membership

Comfort Club members enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that their AC and heating systems are working efficiently throughout the year. In addition, members also enjoy perks including priority scheduling and value rate pricing on replacement components.

When you become a Comfort Club member, you can say goodby to the uncertainty around your HVAC system and say hello to year-round comfort!

Riverside air conditioner, Riverside HVAC, Corona air conditioner, Corona HVAC, Temecula air conditioner repair, Temecula HVAC

What’s Included in Your Comfort Club Membership?

Here are just some of the services that we provide during annual system maintenance:

  • Thermostat calibration and programming
  • Blower motor diagnostic with amp draw test
  • Airflow verification and balancing
  • Air filtration cleaning or replacement
  • Drain line cleaning and flush
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Refrigerant leak check
  • Compressor diagnostic and amp draw test
  • Lubricate motors and bearings
  • Air conditioner performance calibration
  • Control board diagnostic and cleaning
  • Safety control testing and calibration
  • Make sure high pressure control circuit is closed
  • Heat exchanger inspection and safety check
  • Gas leak test
  • Gas furnace adjustment for proper combustion
  • Equipment seal inspection to check for cracks and leaks
  • Fan and temperature control calibration
  • Combustion air requirement inspections
  • Heating performance calibration

Servicing Area

At Direct AC we work hard to ensure a seamless process for all your heating and cooling needs. In fact, most of our clients are repeat customers that enjoy the unparalleled comfort and peace of mind they receive from our professionals. We believe that your health and quality of life can be directly related to your indoor environment. 

Our Service Area

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Van Tallian just came for a maintenance check for our wall heater, very professional and punctual. He explained everything he was checking and went through the safety of the heater. The casing for the heater wasn’t fitted correctly from when it was installed so Van also straightened both sides so it looks better too. Very happy with the service provided.
Leah Woodfield
Leah Woodfield
23:24 04 Feb 20
My A/C unit froze up, so I called Direct AC. They sent Geno out the very same day to fix it. Within an hour of his arrival, it was up and and running. Geno was awesome! He was so polite, knowledgeable, professional and fast. I highly recommend this company. I'm a happy customer.
Laure Parker
Laure Parker
18:54 04 Feb 20
They're the best! Quick response time, reasonably priced, very thorough. Jason is super friendly and explains everything, answers any questions. Will absolutely use them again for future needs
Rebecca Thompson
Rebecca Thompson
17:32 15 Jan 20
Direct AC has been very responsiveness, thorough and fair in all of the repairs and new installations they have done at my private residence over the years. I am a loyal customer and I’m so thankful to be able to trust a company to provide quality service at fair prices. I’m very thankful for Jason and his team!
Crystal Hays
Crystal Hays
19:47 20 Dec 19
I've been nursing along our 20 year old original AC Unit, knowing sooner or later it needed to be replaced. We also had major air flow/ducting issues and general install issues from the original builder/installer. Quite honestly I had been wondering who could fix the larger issues. The companies I'd previously had in to do maintenance were more then happy to replace the AC but none seemed very interested in handling the larger issues.Direct AC and specifically Jason was a referral from another contractor that was bidding on some work for me. Jason and team came in, and had a lot to deal with and Jason, Van, Geno & Chris did an awesome job. One of the first things i noticed is they carry booties and put them on whenever they entered the house, then put down paper/plastic around any work areas or pathways and then cleaned up, including wiping down the areas around the attic entry. The guys all had their jobs, but I noticed they all stayed busy even when their part was done. All of them went above and beyond in their own way, Jason explained everything as it was happening, Van crawled around my attic for hours fixing issues (its fairly large, but very little room for movement, its all trusses). Geno and Chris installed the condenser, and then Geno helped up in the attic (as well as found a gas leak in our existing furnace!). Van found and fixed multiple issues with the ducting, installed and then adjusted baffles, and then the team worked to balance the house so the AC is consistent in all rooms.My wife and I are extremely happy the quality of work and level of service, they went above and beyond and with all these issues, they were done in 4 hours! Awesome job guys, and thank you so much!
Matt Sullivan
Matt Sullivan
16:41 31 Oct 19

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