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Here in Riverside County we are fortunate enough to have great weather throughout the year. But with winter temperatures dipping into the 40s, it’s important to make sure your heating system is prepared to keep you warm when colder weather strikes.

Direct AC is your local heating contractor committed to ensuring your comfort and peace of mind throughout the year. We provide high-quality furnace repairs, replacements, and tune-ups in Riverside, Corona, Temecula, and surrounding areas in Riverside County.

Furnace Problems? Call Now for Repair

Is your furnace making unusual sounds? Is it failing to turn on at all? No matter what’s causing your furnace problem, our experts will make sure your system returns to full efficiency. We will take the time to inspect your equipment, identify the source of the issue, and discuss our recommendations.
Riverside air conditioner, Riverside HVAC, Corona air conditioner, Corona HVAC, Temecula air conditioner repair, Temecula HVAC, Furnaces
Riverside air conditioner, Riverside HVAC, Corona air conditioner, Corona HVAC, Temecula air conditioner repair, Temecula HVAC, Furnaces

Avoid Unexpected Heating Issues With Furnace Maintenance

The health of your furnace largely depends on how well it’s maintained. Prevent sudden breakdowns and interruptions with annual inspections and tune-ups.

Here are some of the services we perform during routine furnace maintenance:

  • Heating unit calibration
  • Replacement of control boards
  • New electronic gas valve installation
  • Burner cleaning and adjustment
  • Heat exchanger/firebox inspection
  • Thermostat programming and calibration
  • Component replacements (including fan controls, capacitors, blower relays, safety controls, fuses, pressure switch, wiring, and more)

Servicing Area

At Direct AC we work hard to ensure a seamless process for all your heating and cooling needs. In fact, most of our clients are repeat customers that enjoy the unparalleled comfort and peace of mind they receive from our professionals. We believe that your health and quality of life can be directly related to your indoor environment. 

Our Service Area

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What Our Clients Are Saying

These guys are great!! Every time, they respond fast, always handle the issue & prices are super competitive!!
Jason Smolchuck
Jason Smolchuck
22:42 14 May 20
Van & Chris were very professional and answered all of our questions. We definitely recommend Direct AC, and will use them for all future tune-ups to our system. Good job!
William Gartley
William Gartley
21:51 13 May 20
Great experience with DirectAC. Val did a great job determining what I needed and at a reasonable cost. Chris did a great job with the installation handling it quickly and efficiently. I found all involved individuals to be fast, efficient, reliable and reasonable.I highly recommend DirectAC.
Mark Knepper
Mark Knepper
02:02 07 May 20
Van Tallian just came for a maintenance check for our wall heater, very professional and punctual. He explained everything he was checking and went through the safety of the heater. The casing for the heater wasn’t fitted correctly from when it was installed so Van also straightened both sides so it looks better too. Very happy with the service provided.
Leah Woodfield
Leah Woodfield
23:24 04 Feb 20
I was very impressed with the quality of the work Geno and Chris performed on the unit. Not only were they kind and professional but they were extremely knowledgeable about the service they provided. I whole- heartedly recommend them for their expertise and tremendous customer service.
Jason Remington
Jason Remington
20:28 04 Feb 20
My A/C unit froze up, so I called Direct AC. They sent Geno out the very same day to fix it. Within an hour of his arrival, it was up and and running. Geno was awesome! He was so polite, knowledgeable, professional and fast. I highly recommend this company. I'm a happy customer.
Laure Parker
Laure Parker
18:54 04 Feb 20
Geno and Chris from Direct AC inspected our heating and air conditioning system for a home we had purchased. They were very thorough and friendly during the entire process. They gave me a detailed breakdown at the end of what was discovered. Very professional. Would recommend Direct AC again.
Chris Allen
Chris Allen
16:23 04 Feb 20
They're the best! Quick response time, reasonably priced, very thorough. Jason is super friendly and explains everything, answers any questions. Will absolutely use them again for future needs
Rebecca Thompson
Rebecca Thompson
17:32 15 Jan 20
This is our first time using Direct AC and we are completely satisfied by the service we received. Van is the man, he was very responsive, helpful, thorough, and professional. He accommodated our needs and got the job done in a timely fashion. Thank you Van!!!! I would highly recommend this company.
Tanya Urbano
Tanya Urbano
03:53 14 Jan 20
Direct AC has been very responsiveness, thorough and fair in all of the repairs and new installations they have done at my private residence over the years. I am a loyal customer and I’m so thankful to be able to trust a company to provide quality service at fair prices. I’m very thankful for Jason and his team!
Crystal Hays
Crystal Hays
19:47 20 Dec 19
I've been nursing along our 20 year old original AC Unit, knowing sooner or later it needed to be replaced. We also had major air flow/ducting issues and general install issues from the original builder/installer. Quite honestly I had been wondering who could fix the larger issues. The companies I'd previously had in to do maintenance were more then happy to replace the AC but none seemed very interested in handling the larger issues.Direct AC and specifically Jason was a referral from another contractor that was bidding on some work for me. Jason and team came in, and had a lot to deal with and Jason, Van, Geno & Chris did an awesome job. One of the first things i noticed is they carry booties and put them on whenever they entered the house, then put down paper/plastic around any work areas or pathways and then cleaned up, including wiping down the areas around the attic entry. The guys all had their jobs, but I noticed they all stayed busy even when their part was done. All of them went above and beyond in their own way, Jason explained everything as it was happening, Van crawled around my attic for hours fixing issues (its fairly large, but very little room for movement, its all trusses). Geno and Chris installed the condenser, and then Geno helped up in the attic (as well as found a gas leak in our existing furnace!). Van found and fixed multiple issues with the ducting, installed and then adjusted baffles, and then the team worked to balance the house so the AC is consistent in all rooms.My wife and I are extremely happy the quality of work and level of service, they went above and beyond and with all these issues, they were done in 4 hours! Awesome job guys, and thank you so much!
Matt Sullivan
Matt Sullivan
16:41 31 Oct 19

Enjoy Greater Energy Savings With Furnace Replacement

Many homeowners have had their furnace for decades. But after 20 years, your system will begin to exhibit signs of inefficiency. Older furnaces typically have AFUE ratings of no more than 72%, while newer systems can have ratings of 90% or higher.

Choosing to replace an old, inefficient furnace will not only help you reduce frequency of repair, but it can also result in lower heating costs.

Our experts at Direct AC are happy to help you navigate your options when it comes to selecting a new furnace. We provide equipment from all major brands, and can help you decide between standard and high-efficiency systems depending on your needs and budget.

Why Work With Direct AC?

We understand that a problem with your furnace can disrupt your normal routine. When you work with us, rest assured that you will receive a hassle-free experience. We believe in making the furnace installation or repair process as easy and convenient for you as possible.

Busy schedule? No problem
We’ll work around your schedule and set up a time for repair or replacement that works best for you.

You won’t have to clean up after us
Your home will be treated as if it were our own. We will wear protective shoe covers and use mats on the work area. Once the job is complete, the work area will be cleaned and left as neat as we found it.

Expect a comfortable and quiet process
We always aim to minimize discomfort and disruption. As part of our commitment to providing transparent service, you can expect to receive updates from us during the course of the project.

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Enjoy greater energy savings and reliable heating with furnace repair, replacement, or maintenance from Direct AC.

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